How Did Taylor Swift Make Maren Morris Cry?

Taylor Swift is a planner, every detail for her new tour has been carefully planned out, including the music that is played in between sets, and we found out that that music includes Maren Morris' "My Church" 

People have been saying that Taylor has "forgotten" where she gained her fame, and that was country music, but Taylor has been proving those facts false with her hit song that she wrote for Little Big Town, and the newest release from Sugarland called "Babe", and now not only singing some of her country hits on her current tour, but also in between sets playing country music too! 

Taylor kicked off her tour this week, and reports are that in between her sets, she had country music in the playlist, and that music included Maren's "My Church" and her husband Ryan Hurd's new single "Love In A Bar" 

Maren's fans were the ones to let her know about it, and she was quick to let us know how Taylor Swift made her feel! Way to go Tay!  

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