Hey Wow! That's My Trainer!

Devan Kline & Meg After Crazy Workout!

When you see your friends find success you are super happy for them right? 

Let me go back about 3/4 years to when I was struggling with my weight (I still struggle because of my love for pizza and all things that have sugar in the ingredients btw), and our friend Colleen Odegaard from Charlotte Today at NBC pulled me aside and told me about an awesome new gym she was going to here in Charlotte. 

It was a bootcamp. 

WOAH I said, I have knee problems, and I am not a fan of someone yelling at me for my entire workout. She laughed and said it wasn't "THAT" kind of bootcamp.
This was all women, and done on what they call a "floating" floor (think gymnastics floor routines so it's bouncy!), and there was no yelling, it was a very encouraging, empowering workout, where no matter where you were in your fitness journey you didn't feel out of place. Hmmmm I said, and cautiously agreed to try this place called... Burn Boot Camp. 

I'm not going to lie. It was hard, but when the 45 minute camp was done I felt like I had truly accomplished something, especially after being a member of another workout facility for over 5 years and never going.
This was different, and I mean REALLY different. The trainer didn't just stand at the front of the room and bark orders, they were all over the floor, making sure you had proper form, modifying if you had injuries (hello knee issue), and encouraging you, almost like having a personal trainer!

Oh, and not that it mattered to me personally, but to my friends it may, they have FREE child watch too! 

Fast Forward almost 4 years, a couple knee surgeries, clumsy injuries leaving me in a boot, and even yes my brain surgery, I lost over 40 pounds, and have kept it off!
Oh and guys, they have co-ed camps too so you can get your tails kicked! 

The man responsible for this incredible Burn Boot Camp and its amazing trainers I have worked with?

Devan Kline

Devan Kline!

And can I tell you how excited I am to tell you that he has over 140 Burn Bootcamp franchises now!

He started his journey creating BBC right here in Huntersville in a parking lot, and now he is across the United States, and my favorite part... he is on iHeart Radio now too!

We talk about the FREE iHeart Radio app, all the different stations and music you have to choose from, and now you can even listen to my friend Devan Kline's Podcast too!

Devan doesn't just talk about fitness, but he talks about family, being the best you can be, and has special local CHARLOTTE guests on too! 

He is very motivating, and yes, even inspirational. I say it all the time, when I was feeling like an injury was going to keep me from working out, a simple text to Devan or the other trainers would ALWAYS get the response of... Meg, We've Got You! 

Devan's wife Morgan will join in on the podcasts too sometimes, talking about the challenges and adventures of being a mom keeping up with fitness and nutrition, but she will be getting her own iHeart channel soon! 

Devan and his team of incredible trainers are the kind of people that I am so incredibly blessed to have in my life and call friends! 

Click on the photo below to take a listen to Devan's Podcast on iHeart Radio, and if you are ready to start your fitness journey, I am always happy to go to a Burn Bootcamp, so email me at Meg@969thekat.com and I will meet you! 

You can find me mostly at the Charlotte, and South Park (Opening Soon) Locations training with the awesome trainers Kyle, Lindsay, and Bryson, and sometimes in Huntersville with Ashley and Devan (when he isn't traveling to other locations to spread the love and sweat!),  but they are all over Charlotte, and I will travel to any of them!

Devan Kline Podcast

And did I mention that he is just an all around incredible person too? Very humble and thankful... And loves his beautiful wife Morgan and their children too! 

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