Taylor Swift Just Gave us Another Reason To Shut Down Haters!

Taylor Swift's "Reputation" tour kicks off tonight in Arizona, and for the last few weeks she has been having rehearsals to get ready for the big tour!

Over the weekend the tour had it's final dress rehearsal, and the audience Taylor invited to be there for it was a very special one!

Taylor invited over 2000 foster and adoptive children and their families to come for the show, but that was only the beginning!

Not only did she sing for over 2 hours, she also bought everyone pizza, and stayed after the show to take pictures with EVERYONE that came out. Signing autographs too!

The families and the children all had a terrific time, and were posting all over social media their thanks to Taylor for such a fun night. 

Prior to the show, Taylor was out in the community visiting kids who wouldn't be able to attend her shows. 

Taylor's tour isn't coming to Charlotte, but it is coming to Atlanta in August! We are hopping that maybe she will extend and add in Charlotte dates too.... 

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