The Prom Dress Making Waves,

Keziah Daum wanted a prom dress that was modest, but all of the dresses she found revealed too much of the chest and the neck, and were just too revealing in general.

So when she found this dress not only was it affordable (Only $29), it was beautiful and unique, and she loved the way she looked in it, a formal dress that was not too revealing, and made her feel beautiful for her formal event.

She wore the dress, and now some are calling her racist, saying that it was inappropriate for her to wear a dress that is not in her culture.

What do you think?

We feel that if she likes it and feels beautiful in it... What is the problem here?

Keziah even had an interview with a Chinese newspaper.

"They said they were honored and proud an American girl would wear something that is beautiful to their culture," Keziah said.

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