NFL Just Drafted A One Handed Player And Inspired This Little Cheerleader

His name is Shaquem Griffin, and he has just made history.

He is the first one handed NFL player to be drafted, and will play for the Seattle Seahawks!
Shaquem was born with a congenital birth defect that affected his ability to use his left hand and had the extremity amputated when he was a child because of extreme pain.
He played college ball for University of Central Florida, and his twin brother did as well (Shaquill is now a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks).

The moment he got the call, he says he was "Speechless" Take a look... 

Shaquem being drafted has proven to be inspiring for young athletes all over the world, and one young cheerleader posted a video to show how proud she was of him!
Meet Julianna Linton, of Houston, Texas, she also has only one arm, and doesn't let that stop her from going after what she loves! 

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