JT Talked To Jason Aldean About New Music His Dog And Oysters!

It's no secret I'm a massive Jason Aldean fan, so when I got a chance to talk with him early this year I was sooooo excited. The best part of our interview was the fact that Jason is one of the nicest people in country music. Check out what he had to say about his new album Rear View Town!

I've been reading a lot about artists getting anxiety when they release new music, so I asked Jason is he gets that way too. 

Jason was on Ellen right after the album came out, and he was amazing as always! He told me that Ellen is his absolute favorite show to be on, listen to find out why! 

DJ Silver is touring with Jason again this summer. When I met Silver on the last tour he was holding Jason and Brittney's Pomeranian and sneezing like crazy. He's apparently allergic but still he loves that dog! So I asked what the deal was and why he continues to be around the dog!  

Getting time to hang in a city when you're on tour is difficult for sure. When Jason is here he's spending most of his time with Brittney's family. BUT he is dead set on dinner at Pearlz Oyster bar. So you might just run into him having dinner there in August! 

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