SouthPark Concierge Charged for Breaking Into Luxury Apartments

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Quinnton Jones, a 35-year-old concierge at The Residence at SouthPark, has been charged after multiple incidents of breaking into resident's homes and even taking a car for a joyride. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police have charged Jones with larceny of a vehicle, trespassing, misdemeanor breaking and entering, two counts of felony breaking and entering and two counts of larceny after breaking and entering.

Police say Jones was charged in connections with incidents that happened on March 16, 23 and 29. In one instance, he took a tenant's company car and drove 6,000 miles with it over a few days. Upon investigation, police found Jones entered the apartment to let a cleaning service inside and was seen shortly thereafter driving the 2015 Range Rover.

One tenant said someone stole a check from his checkbook and tried to cash it at two separate banks. Though Jones was granted permission to enter the apartment to feed the fish, he was not authorized to sleep in the residence as he did.

The third incident, the maintenance staff at The Residence entered an apartment for routine repairs and found Jones inside without permission.

Jones was fired from The Residence and banned from the property.

Photo: Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

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