In No World Is This Ok! Fast Food Employee Spits In Guest's Food

posted by Meg B -

The time was 3am, and the Montana Pita Pit employee apparently was having a bad day.
She got into an altercation with the guest, and in the recording, the customers are heard “daring” the employee to “do it” moments before the woman spits in the pita sandwich she is making.
The altercation escalates with the customer throwing the sandwich and the employee trying to climb over the counter.

The video is below, and has since gone viral.

If you watch it beware that there is some strong adult language.

The employee has since been fired. 

Just a few customers trying to give them business!!! PITA PIT (downtown Missoula doesn’t close until 3am)...we come in at approximately 2:00am trying to order food and this racist woman spit in our food because apparently “she was having a bad day and didn’t wanna be at work!”.......mind you, she argues with us a few seconds before we were actually able to capture this on video!! (PITA PIT, downtown MISSOULA, MT) FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ShaeLynn MadPlume on Saturday, March 24, 2018



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