Can You Figure Out Who This Actress Is Playing Judy Garland?


This is a transformation that has a LOT of people talking!

The new movie about Judy Garland's life has just begun shooting, but can you tell who that is playing the iconic singer/actress?

Here is a hint... she was married to Kenny Chesney for a hot second!

Yep! Renee Zellweger is virtually unrecognizable after her transformation into her role for Judy Garland.

Word is that she will be doing all of her own singing too which really isn't all that surprising considering she sang in "Chicago" too and was awesome!

For those unfamiliar with who Judy Garland is.... Maybe this will remind you! 

Renee has proven that she can sing in the past!
She played the role of "Roxie" in Chicago and was terrific... 

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