Jason Aldean's Possible New Career? Looks Chilly!

What is this?

Could Jason Aldean be appearing on the ice sometime soon for a minor league hockey team?

Jason is a fan of the sport, and has even laced up the skates a time or two or three, but a career change? 

Ok not so fast, Jason's FACE may be appearing on the ice soon, but not Jason himself, he is doing too well singing our favorite country music!

A minor league hockey player named Eddie Pasquale plays goalie for the the minor league hockey team Syracuse Crunch, which feeds the Tampa Bay Lightning reached out to a custom graphics company to have them make him a special goalie mask!  for a custom-made goalie mask.
Pasquale requested both Aldean’s face be spray-painted on the side of the goalie mask, and WOW it turned out awesome! 

So if you are ever watching the Syracuse Crunch and you think you've seen Jason Aldean's face on the ice.... you may very well have! 

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