Am I Missing Something? This Just Looks Like A Poor Sport..

Ok, am I missing something here?

Last night USA Women's Olympic Hockey beat out the Canadians to take the Gold.
If you watched the game at all you saw that there were a lot of penalties that the Canadian team took, which most probably played some part in the loss, but it is what one team member did while still on the podium that has me just plain baffled.

I am a long time fan of hockey, it is something my dad and I watched together growing up in Michigan, and the Canadian / USA rivalry has always been a big one.

With that, this isn't the NHL, you are representing your COUNTRY, and while no they didn't win the Gold medal, a Silver is still something to be extremely proud of, so when I saw this team member pull the medal off from around her neck while STILL ON THE PODIUM, and directly after it was awarded, it left me baffled, and extremely disappointed.

I still feel there must be something I am missing, has to be SOME reason she would disrespect the rest of her team and country by showing such poor sportsmanship.
They made it to the medal round of the Olympics, and are taking home a Silver medal... That is something to be extremely proud of... Someone PLEASE help me out to understand this!

And I am sorry, but the whole Gold or nothing just doesn't fly with me... You are at the Olympics and you are taking home a Silver medal... it counts! 

After living in Canada for a short time, I have crazy love for the country and the people in it... I am stunned. 

Side note... watching the Women's USA Hockey team win the Gold for the first time in 20 years was pretty awesome! 

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