She Bullied A Mom And Baby On Delta Flight And Now May Get Fired!

The woman was not happy about having to sit across the isle from the mom and her son. The youngster was crying, and she was just not going to have it!
She wanted to be moved, but that wasn't going to happen. They offered her a seat on the next flight, but the woman just kept saying "I can't," the mother of the young child spoke up and said that she knew her son wasn't going to cry for long, but the woman wasn't hearing it. She demanded again to be moved, but when they told her that wasn't going to happen she got even more upset and threatened the flight attendant!

Eventually the woman was removed from the plane, and after the video went viral her job is now in jeopardy!

The mother of the child is stepping forward and saying that while her behavior wasn't warranted, she doesn't think the woman should lose her job over it, especially since she apologized!

What do you think? 

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