Billionaire Pretends To Be Homeless, Stuns Rude Restaurant Employee

Cody Persin, who's known for his pranks and social experiments, posted a three-minute video of him being snubbed by a Florida restaurant while in his homeless disguise before surprising them with cash in a briefcase.

In the video we see him arriving at the restaurant carrying a large bin bag, convincingly giving the appearance that he lives out on the streets.

Making sure to stay polite, he asks the waiter - who seems to be acting as a host - for a table for himself and his friend Ronaldo, also asking if they can see a menu.

But the host tells Coby that he can't seat Coby because he believes the restaurant is 'too expensive' for a person like him. 

'I'm sorry. We're not going to be able to do it sir,' blocking Coby from entering the restaurant. "This place is a little too expensive for you."

Coby tries to give the host a second chance, asking again if there is a menu he would be able to see. 

He even tells the him that he has plenty of money to pay for the meal, but the guy is having none of it.

"Nope," the host replies. "We can't serve you, we're not going to serve you today. I'm sorry about that.'

"Can you please get away? Go eat at McDonald's - some other options but not here."

Shocked, Coby starts backing off, showing his disbelief at the interaction as he decides to call his driver Ronaldo.

But even as he steps away from the gate, the host even asks Cody to make the call further away from the front of the restaurant.
"Can you please get away," the host asks again. "Stand over there."

Pretty soon, Cody gets the last laugh as Ronaldo pulls up at the restaurant in a brand new Rolls Royce and steps out to open the trunk.

Ronaldo then hands Cody a briefcase full of cash, who waves it in front restaurant host.

"I told you I had money," Coby says, "What's crazy is the way you judged people just by their appearance.

"I might buy this spot just so I can fire you - you're lucky," he adds. 

Once again, just another reason to never judge a book by its cover.... 

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