Latest Information On Florida School Shooter, Social Media Posts, More.

It was a tragic event yesterday in South Florida. 17 people lost their lives when a 19 year old Nikolas Cruz opened fire after allegedly tripping the fire alarm to get students out into the open.
More details are emerging, but some of the things we know so far:

He was 19 years old

He blended in with students to make his escape after the shooting, but was arrested a short time after and taken to the hospital, he is now allegedly in jail and will appear in court today.

Had been suspended from the school beforeHe was allegedly not allowed to carry a backpack for fear that he may have something in it.

Some students are saying this was not a surprise to them that he would do something like this.

He had been receiving mental health treatment, but had not been seen at the one clinic for over a month.

And finally, his social media pages indicated trouble...  
This may be why the Sheriff just kept saying over and over again that this is why they always say

Below you will see screen shots from Nikolas' 2 different Instagram pages.
These have since been deleted.
You will also hear from one student who says that he is not really surprised that Nikolas did this.

Hold your children close, and talk to them about a plan in case of an emergency situation.

Chances are slim you will ever need it, but better to be prepared.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families who lost loved ones in this tragic event. 

Nikolas Cruz Instagram Screen Shot
Nikolas Cruz Instagram Screen Shot 2

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