This Couple Gets The Dinner Invite Of A Lifetime From Garth Brooks!

Can you even imagine being invited to Garth Brooks house for dinner?

Most people would be excited to go see Garth in concert, let alone get invited to his house!!
This woman tweeted Garth yesterday to wish him a happy birthday, and to tell him how much she enjoys his music!
She went on to say it was because of her fiancé that she was a big fan, and that they were coming to the USA for their honeymoon soon. She wanted to know if Garth had any travel tips!

Garth was doing his Studio G segment, and included her tweet in the episode!

He could've very easily just responded on Twitter, but no... not yesterday!

Watch below, and if you are short on time fast forward to where there is only about 7 minutes left in the video to see what happened! 

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