It Takes 65 Hours of Work to Pay Rent in Charlotte, Study

A new study by SmartAsset, a financial technology company that gives advice and tools for smart financial decisions, was released that dove into the trends of rent in the 25 largest cities compared to the average salary.

According to their data, Charlotte ranks 10th when it comes to the most hours of work needed to pay rent, coming just behind Phoenix.

The site looked at data on average hours worked per year, average earnings per year and average monthly rents. Here are the cities where most of people's paychecks are going to rent.

Charlotte workers earn roughly $28,900 on average after income taxes, which is equal to about $16.15 per hour after taking total hours worked into account. 

To cover the average rent, the average Charlotte worker would need to work just over 65 hours. That's equivalent to about 1.6 work weeks for the average worker in Charlotte. 

Check out the full methodology here.

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