Man Attacks Comedian After Being Called Out in Audience

Warning: the video contains offensive language.

Things weren't all laughs at the Comedy House in Columbia when a 28-year-old man attacked a comedian after being called out in the audience.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Marvin Toatley faces multiple charges including assault for the January 21 attack. 

Lott said the man was sitting in the front row and got upset when comedian Steve Brown mentioned him during his routine. He jumped on stage and began swinging the microphone stand at Brown before it flew into the audience.

"Why would somebody lose control over a comedian making fun of them? I shake my head at that," Lott said.

No one was seriously injured but the mic stand hit two people in the crowd. Attendees say there was no security at the event, which is why the attack continued for as long as it did.

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