Could Facebook Spy On You?

There is a rumor on the street that Facebook has a new home device coming on the market, and it has some people a bit itchy!

The rumor....
Facebook is building a device that will be capable of watching and listening to its users at home.
It is going to be called "Portal, and it will have a camera that can recognize individual faces, much like Facebook does now when you post pictures. It will be able to link faces to the person's Facebook accounts, and log them in without needing a password! (Think the new iPhone X facial security)

The screen is believed to be 15 inches and be equipped with microphones so it will have the capability of listening to you and answering commands. (Think Amazon Echo)

It is still being developed, and so far no word of confirmation from Facebook, but allegedly it will launch this May.

Sounding more and more like the Echo Show, and it will have a touchscreen too.
Facebook is expected to present it more as a social device used to keep you in touch with friends and family.

The cost?
Estimated $499

Of course this is all just rumor.... yea sure it is! 


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