She Was Set Up! Police Pull Her Over For "DUI" But Not Really!

Driving through town just minding her own business, Ellen Alexander sees the police behind her with their lights flashing, so she does what any person would do, she pulls over. 

It's not until the police ask her to step out of the car to perform field sobriety tests that she realizes they suspect her of driving under the influence. 

Following their requests, she steps up onto the sidewalk where they have her begin to walk in a straight line while touching her nose. 

Moving down the walkway, Ellen has no idea what's going on behind her back as she's following the officer's directions, but the camera is capturing everything! 

A fellow member of the Sheriff's Station, Deputy Kevin Bowes quietly walks up behind her and gets down on one knee, extending his hand with an open ring box. You see, he is Ellen's boyfriend! 

The officer conducting the traffic stop is in on the whole thing and instructs Ellen to turn around - which is when the whole fake traffic stop finally becomes clear to her! Ellen starts to cry,  hugging him tightly as she says "Yes!"

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