Krispy Kreme Is About To Rock Your World....

Krispy Kreme and Reese's are about to roll out your new favorite dessert.

With A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup donut. 

The new creation is filled with Reese's peanut butter cream, dipped in chocolate icing and topped with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle, Reese's mini peanut butter chips and peanuts. 

Australia and the United Kingdom have  been enjoying the treat for the past year, but the donut creation will finally be available at stateside Krispy Kreme's on Friday. The limited edition donut will weigh in at $1.69 a piece.

However, while they won't take a toll on your wallet, they may take a hit to your daily calorie count. The donut comes with 400 calories and 21 grams of sugar.

Krispy Kreme Peanutbutter

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