A Romper For Men? Which Charlotte Sports Super Star Is Already wearing this?

The rompers-for-men trend is currently taking the Internet by storm thanks to a Kickstarter”RompHim” campaign that went viral. 

But Panthers quarterback Cam Newton already knew this was a trending look — he rocked the trend before it was even a trend at the music festival Coachella.

Cam took on the look with a floral-print onesie, which he paired with a fedora hat and shades when he went to the music festival back in April, weeks before the Internet went nuts  when the Kickstarter campaign went viral on Monday.

At the time, people had a lot to say about this outfit, writing that he dressed “like one of those hats women wear at the Kentucky Derby,” while another thought he was “wearing his mom’s pajamas.”

However, ever since RompHim captivated the nation, people are becoming more supportive of the look.

Charlotte Native Brooklyn Decker asked Twitter where she could get Newton’s onesie for herself, even calling out the Panthers for some help. 

Her husband, tennis star Andy Roddick, had the best reaction to this.... 

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