SURVEY: Charlotte Has Some of the Least Attractive People

Charlotte is known for its beautiful skyline, the amazing sports, breweries and greenery... but according to Travel & Leisure, the people aren't held nearly as high.

According to the magazine, they surveyed readers on a wide range of categories and one of those was how attractive city locals are. Though Charlotte didn't hit No. 1, it did get close.

Trailing behind Charlotte are:

9. Memphis, Tennessee

8. Atlanta, Georgia

7. Tampa, Florida

6. Cleveland, Ohio

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Charlotte comes in at No. 4, being just a bit more attractive than Spokan, Washington; Sacramento, California, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Here's what they say about the Queen City:

Readers appreciate Charlotte, North Carolina for its cleanliness. The pristine city is a banking mecca, and its central Uptown district is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Employees at Bank of America and Wells Fargo may work long hours, but they also like to stay active, playing tennis in Freedom Park or hiking in the surrounding Piedmont region. Somehow, that didn't boost their attractive score.

At least we have that?

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