American Girl Doll Gives Girl Who Lost A Leg To Cancer A Doll That Looks Like Her!

Dylan Probe, 10, received a memorable surprise after having her lower right leg amputated because of cancer.

The fourth-grader from Houston, Texas, was given an American Girl doll who has a prosthetic lower right leg. Dylan promptly named her new doll "Hope."

"Hope" joins another doll, named "Faith," who Dylan received earlier in her cancer treatment. Faith, another American Girl doll, has no hair, which Dylan related to after losing her own hair to chemotherapy.

“You have to have faith and you have to have hope to get through this or otherwise it’s going to be horrible, not that it’s great, but it’d really be horrible,” Dylan told ABC News of why she chose her dolls' names. “If you believe and you have faith and you have hope, then things will turn out OK.”


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