North Carolina Lawmakers Pass Bill to Repeal HB2

The NC Governor Roy Cooper and the North Carolina House of Representatives have passed a bill, House Bill 142, to repeal the controversial "bathroom bill," known as HB2.

The LGBTQ community, though, is still unhappy with the result of the repeal. 

"This new law does not repeal HB2. Instead, it institutes a statewide prohibition on equality by banning non-discrimination protections across North Carolina and fuels the flames of anti-transgender hate," Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin stated. 

The new bill made its way quickly as the NCAA gave North Carolina a deadline to either repeal HB2 or face losing the opportunity to place bids for NCAA championship games through 2022.

Quick facts on the new bill:

  • Section 1 completely repeals HB2
  • Section 2 lays out that only states can regulate bathroom use. This prohibits any local ordinances.
  • Section 3 and 4 says no local government in the state can amend or create an ordinance regulating private employment practices or regulating public accomodations until Dec. 1, 2020.

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