PHOTOS: Chuck Wicks Involved in Serious Car Accident

The past few days have been scary for Chuck Wicks and his radio morning show Ty, Kelly and Chuck. 

He took to Facebook to update his fans about a car accident that completely totaled a car and left him in the hospital.

On the way to a parade in New Orleans, he and his morning show, as well as producer Glenn, hydroplaned on standing water and rolled their car into a ditch of water. Thankfully, they were all able to crawl out of the vehicle, but the adrenaline hid the injuries, Chuck says. After being taken to the hospital on a stretcher, doctors found he had a fractured skull and cervical vertebrae fracture in his C2 region. 

He posted a few photos, including one of the totaled car.

He ended his posted with some uplifting words. "It's gonna take some time to recover. This isn't a [sic] I'll feel better in a week type of deal. But I'm extremely lucky. And I'm so glad that Ty Kelly and Glenn are ok. So be safe out there. Don't take anything for granted."

Photo: Facebook

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