Several Charlotte Businesses Are Closing for #ADayWithoutImmigrants

Nationwide, many businesses are shutting their doors in support of A Day Without Immigrants.  Locally, some businesses are following suit.

A Day Without Immigrants is a grassroots movement trying to shed light on how important immigrants are to the United States, according to those taking part.

In Charlotte, Compare Foods will close all seven locations on Thursday. Pint Central in Plaza Midwood, Boost Mobile in East Charlotte, and Las Delicias Bakery in East Charlotte will also close.

The action taken today will include closing of businesses, keeping kids home from school, not shopping at any retail store and staying home from work. Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools is urging parents to still send their children to school. 

A rally is planned to take place at Noon in Marshall Park.

Nationwide, some of the biggest restaurants will close its doors, including celebrity hot spots in New York owned by celebrity chef Jose Andres, who is an immigrant himself. "We have people that are part of the DNA. They are working on golf courses – maybe owned by Mr. Trump himself – in restaurants, in farms,” he said.

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