Monroe Woman Seeking Public's Help to Find Stolen Puppies

Kaylan Hyatt, of Monroe, is seeking the public's help to track down a litter of puppies stolen in the middle of the night from her puppy nursery.

In a Facebook post in an online yard sale page, she said someone broke into her puppy nursery in the middle of the night and stole 3-week-old puppies and one 8-week-old puppy. They could be anywhere, not just in the immediate vicinity.

The 3-week-old puppies have not been weaned and are in serious need of their mother.  Taking puppies away from a mother too young can have serious behavioral and health effects on the litter.

If anyone has any info or sees them up on any sites for sale, please contact police or any number below:

Kaylan's cell - 704.301.1270

Karen's cell - 704.858.7566

Paul's cell -704.254.3973

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