McDonald's Will Have a Chocolate Shamrock Shake This Year

McDonald's is rolling out a new menu item again in 2017.  After just announcing a Grand Mac and Big Mac Jr. in January, they're introducing a spin-off of a fan favorite: a chocolate Shamrock Shake.

The St. Patrick's Day-themed shake is a favorite every year so McDonald's wants to capitalize on the success with four more additions to the Shamrock menu.

This year, you can enjoy a: 

  • Classic Shamrock Shake - vanilla soft serve, mint syrup, whipped cream
  • Chocolate Shamrock Shake - half chocolate shake on bottom, half shamrock shake on top
  • Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé - mocha frappé with whipped topping, green granulated sugar and chocolate syrup drizzle
  • Shamrock Hot Chocolate - McDonald's original hot chocolate with mint syrup added
  • Shamrock Mocha - Like the McDonald's Shamrock Hot Chocolate with a shot of espresso

The Shamrock Shake is ready for an early February roll out.  Get excited! 

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