We’re still recovering from Kat Jam at the Fillmore, but we had to share some fun moments featuring Jerrod Niemann, Frankie Ballard, Craig Campbell, Parmalee and Scotty McCreery that we caught on tape. An especially funny moment came when Frankie Ballard asked Scotty about him being in class on the day of Kat Jam.

Ballard: “Did you have class earlier today?”
McCreery: “I had a Dag-gum quiz today…”
Campbell: “Frankie, not just a quiz, a Dag-gum quiz!” (laughing)
McCreery: “There’s a difference!” (laughing)
Niemman: “Hey Man, I had a test…”

To see what test Niemann took, play the video below.

Campbell: “Me and Scotty apparently are the only two up here doing the No Shave November!” (laughter)
Scotty McCreery: “That’s Awesome.”

No Shave November

Scotty McCreery’s Introduction at Kat Jam

McCreery: “The funniest thing to me is when I get on the Twitter and somebody that was watching TV and had obviously never heard my record clear as day before. They go, “Oh man Scotty McCreery I am digging that new song ‘Bojangles Town’ you just came up with.” (laughter)

Scotty McCreery and his Twitter "Fans"

Frankie Ballard’s Hometown

How Your Money Helps the Children of St. Jude

Scotty McCreery performs at Kat Country Jam

Kat Jam Photos
Jerrod Niemann
Craig Campbell
Frankie Ballard
Scotty McCreery