Steamy. Possibly the only word needed to describe one of our country boy heartthrobs, Brett Eldredge. He dazzles people with his great big smile and impeccable songs. Clearly this is true because only just yesterday (June16, 2014) in Nashville, TN this Atlantic recording artist had his new song "Beat of the Music" hit the No. 1 position on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and on Mediabase/Country Aircheck. 

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Passionate. Another word to describe our fantastic Brett Eldredge. Brett admits that he was "constantly checking the charts when 'Don't Ya' was making its journey, and i mean JOURNEY, to the No.1 spot". He said how much he truly wanted and thought about getting a hit, so much so that he didn't think he could sleep at all. This shows his passion and drive to be an outstanding artist. And now there is overwhelming proof of it. Much congrats goes out to Brett as he celebrates this success. 

Speaking of celebrating...Brett has a very humorous side to him that makes him extremely fun and daring. For his first No. 1 single "Don't Ya", he took a group of people skydiving because of a bet he made to face his fear of heights. Now, the bet for the second No.1...shark diving. 

"Man, shark diving (in a cage) makes me so nervous and excited just talking about it. I love the ocean and am fascinated by sharks. I'd just rather them not be hungry sharks when we do this thing. Oh well, bring it on!" -BRETT ELDREDGE 

Wow. Daring, funny, AND beautiful? What a guy. I can say with confidence, if I were one of those sharks, I would just eat him up. But lets hope those sharks don't find him as appealing as we do.

"If i am fortunate enough to get another No. 1, I think I'll just do something simple like throw a party on flat, dry land!" -BRETT ELDREDGE 

Good idea Brett.

Quite the dare devil and quite the artist. I think we can all agree that Brett is number one every time, no matter what. So congrats Brett! Get that next No. 1 and invite me to the shindig! 

PHOTOS: Brett Eldredge at PNC Music Pavilion (mouse over the image to see more pics).

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