Ice Cream Thief Runs from Cops...Ends Up In a Clingy Situation

Cops are always chasing criminals across rooftops in movies...but y'all never see THIS happen.

A 30-year-old guy in New York stole a bunch of Häagen-Dazs ice cream from a CVS the other day, and got into a footrace with police.

He ended up in a building's courtyard, and decided to scale a fence to get away. But the other side of the fence was a LEDGE, about 25 feet up.

He dropped down onto what looks like some sort of air vent that was just big enough to stand on. But then he was stuck. He was still too far up to jump, but couldn't pull himself back up onto the ledge either.

Luckily, the cops were able to rescue him, so he didn't fall. And they found 10 pints of ice cream in his backpack. 

He's facing charges for larceny and possession of stolen property...and they tweeted out a photo of him clinging to the side of the building.