'Above All,' Kelsea Ballerini Wanted Nuggets While Under Anesthesia

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Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini took to her social media channels to share what she learned about anesthesia. The “half of my hometown” singer recorded video from her hospital bed (and assured fans that she “went in for a non-invasive procedure yes everything is fine moving on and [Vanderbilt Health] and their staff are really lovely”).

“I think I drooled, so they took my mask off,” Ballerini says in the video. “So embarrassing!” The country singer-songwriter also seemed confused as to why she had a ring on (it was a wire), became increasingly curious about the placement of the clocks as her eyes scanned the room, struggled to hold up two fingers as a peace sign, “and above all,” Ballerini said she wanted “some nuggets.”

Luckily, her husband, fellow country singer-songwriter Morgan Evans, assured fans — and added a red heart emoji — when he shared his wife’s video to his own Instagram story: “Don’t worry, I had the nuggets waiting …” Watch Ballerini under anesthesia here:

Ballerini and Evans recently returned from Newcastle, Australia, where they surprised Evans’ family for the holidays. It was the first time Evans returned home after two and a half years. The couple shared a heartwarming video of the sweet surprise. Heading into the New Year, Ballerini opened up about her only goal for the new year in hopes of inspiring others: “doing my damn best.”

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