Neil Diamond's music can give you the coronavirus?!

There's an Irish Pub in Spain that has banned Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" because the owner thinks it will give you the coronavirus. Well, not the song itself. We all know that the World Health Organization announced there was evidence Covid-19 might be being spread by tiny particles of moisture capable of hanging in the air in enclosed or unventilated spaces. There is also a school of thought that the droplets containing the virus can be spread from just singing. And even more probability when you sing loudly. Even though Karaoke hasn't been banned there are social distancing guidelines in Ireland stating people must be 6 ft from anyone singing karaoke. Murphy's Irish Bar's in Corralejo, Spain isn't allowing anyone to perform the song because she believes that once his patrons were drunk no one could resist joining in and singing along... loudly! Since more volume = more covid droplets the owner put the kibosh on the song altogether. Probably for the best. I mean "...touching you, touching me..." doesn't necessarily promote social distancing, now does it?!