A new song from the "Tiger King" band called "Killer Carole!"

There's a new Tiger King show coming to Netflix. It's based on the Tiger King docu-series that took the Covid outbreak by storm. If you watched that docu-series you probably already know that Joe Exotic lipsynced the music videos he starred in. Well, the band that actually played those songs (The Vince Johnson band) just released a new song that is scheduled to come out on the new album "Tiger King" and it doesn't pull any punches! "Killer Carole"and it's about Joe Exotic's nemesis CAROLE BASKIN. It "suggests" that she killed and fed her then-husban Don Lewis to the tigers, and the video... well, further emphasizes the point. Good timing since there's handwriting experts that claim Don's will & power of attorney are forged. Brutal!

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