Watch Hurricane Dorian hit the Outer Banks on The Frying Pan live camera

Hurricane Dorian is now expected to make landfall in North Carolina's outer banks on Friday morning. The Governor issued a mandatory evacuation of all barrier islands & declared an official state of emergency in those areas. This camera became our only look in to the damage caused by Hurricane Florence last year, but now the Frying Pan Cam is covering Dorian for us. This camera is permanently fixed to the Frying Pan Tower which is located 34 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, NC. The Frying Pan Tower was first built in the 60's and designed to warn ships of shallow waters , but since GPS navigation became so available the tower now serves as the platform for the live camera & an important part of the eco system for marine wildlife.

Every time they replace the American Flag on top of the Frying Pan Tower they give it a name. During Hurricane Florence Kevin flew high and proud. This year... Steve is our flag. Go Steve GO!

FYI- The Frying Pan Tower is also looking for volunteers to help preserve the structure and it looks like quite an adventure to do so! CHECK OUT THEIR MISSION.



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