Lunchbox Geeks Out Asking Chelsea DeBoer About Time on ’Teen Mom'

Chelsea DeBoer from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, called into The Bobby Bones Show to speak to Lunchbox, who is one of her super fans!  

Lunchbox has been a fan of DeBoer since he first watched her when she was on 16 and Pregnant. He liked the way she represented herself on TV and that she was a likeable person. DeBoer does not think her fans are weird and that they are just passionate.  

Since Lunchbox is a huge fan of DeBoer's, he asked her three questions to get to know her better! First, he asked her if it was weird to change her madden name, Houska, since that’s what people knew her as. She said yes, but she’s gotten used to it and has kept Houska on some of her social media handles for people who may not know her new last name. He asked when she got pregnant at 16, what made her think about going on MTV. She said while the first season was airing, she was pregnant and saw a casting commercial that said they were looking for new people for the show. She e-mailed them, got a call back and it spiraled from there. When the show started, they would film her hometown in South Dakota, but she didn’t feel like she was famous in her town and said no one got excited seeing her out and about. The more seasons she appeared in the more popular she and the show became, resulting in her getting paid a higher amount of money.  

DeBoer does sometime get annoyed when people want to talk to her about when she was 16 and pregnant, because it was so long ago, and she’s accomplished so much since. Most people don’t have to keep talking about their teenage years, but she does understand that’s how people first got to know her. The final question Lunchbox asked her was what she credits for being able to keep her life on track and progress to where she is now, because so many people on those shows go off the rails, but she has been able to keep a stable head. She shared that she has a very supportive family and the same friends from high school still. Having kids young she wanted to prove people wrong because they thought she would not be successful, so she carried that chip on her shoulder and worked hard to prove them wrong.  

She and her husband have a TV show called Down Home Fab on HGTV and in 2024 they are opening a store, Down Home by DeBoer's, that will feature a collection of home décor, accent pieces, as well as her exclusive collection of home decor items, Aubree Says. When she is not filming, she will be working in the store! 

The new season of Down Home Fab will premiere on HGVT in 2024.

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