Ashley McBryde Reveals the Awesome Glam Routine She Has Before Shows

Ashley McBryde stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her new album, how she leaned into uncomfortable feelings to create the record, her glam routine and perform some of her new music!  

It’s a big week for McBryde! Yesterday (Sept. 7) she found out she had been nominated for three 2023 CMA Awards, including Album of The Year for her 2022 release Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville, Music Video of the Year for “Light On In The Kitchen” and Female Vocalist of The Year. Her new album, The Devil I Know, is also out today (Sept. 8). She has a hard time describing the ways she feels about everything besides expressing how excited she is.  

The Devil I Know features 11 new songs written by McBryde that represent how she had found herself in this current season of life. She took some risks making the new album and pointed to the lead single “Light On In The Kitchen.” While recording it, she was worried it would be too tender and felt insecure about the finger picking of the guitar that plays throughout the track. The song “Blackout Betty,” she thought might be too rock ‘n roll for a country record and “Whiskey and Country Music” might be too country. She and her band leaned into their uncomfortable feelings instead of hiding from them.  

Single At The Same Time,” is a cool new perspective of two people who are in their own respective happy relationships but can’t help but to wonder what would’ve happened if they were single at the same time. When she was presented with the idea for the song, she had never heard a love song from that angel before and how the song created such a tender, quiet moment on the record. In high school, McBryde played the French Horn and continued to play throughout college where she also studied music theory. She can hear a note and figure out how to play it on her own, but to her, reading music and playing music are not the same thing. McBryde revealed the awesome routine she has while getting glam done. She will order Chick-fil-A and watch Golden Girls, but she just watched the last episode, so she’s started The Wonder Years.  

McBryde has played a few shows on Jelly Roll’s tour and the two have written together multiple times. She loves the way he carries himself and the people he has surrounded himself with because it has created an amazing culture at his shows and in country music. She always tells people that they have not seen a true entertainer until they’ve seen Jelly Roll perform because he provokes feelings from his audience not many others can. McBryde and Jelly Roll are two recent artists who have created a space for everyone since their fan bases are so diverse. For her, it’s amazing to see different groups of people at her shows and know that no one is thinking she has too many tattoos for country music, and to the people who do think that she agrees with them.  

In October, McBryde will launch her The Devil I Know Tour and she plans to play all new 11 songs from the record. Her favorite thing about her fan base is that they accept everything from her. Not just the hits, but even unreleased songs because they want to hear her storytelling.  

While in studio, McBryde played her new song “Women Ain’t Whiskey,” which she said is the perfect response to a “Hey, you up?” text. She also performed “Coldest Beer In Town.”  

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