Italians record messages for themselves "from 10 days ago"

Everyone needs to watch this video. A group of Italians were asked to make themselves a video message from "ten days ago." "Ten days ago" would've been before Italy's mandatory quarantines went into effect- the quarantine began March 9th- and before their death toll shot up from Covid-19. "Ten days ago," Italy had about 2000 people infected. As of the making of the video, they have had 18,000 infected and had passed 1,000 deaths. This video was released three days ago, March 15th, and as of right now- I am writing this on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 18th- Italy's death toll is at nearly 3000 with 475 deaths yesterday alone, which is the highest death toll in one day by any country since the Covid-19 outbreak.

If the United State is on pace with Italy, then we are about ten days behind where they are in the Coronavirus pandemic and this is probably something that we should pay serious attention to. This video is not made to cause panic, but to spread awareness. Please take it's message seriously. I just want everyone to get through this healthy and safe.

Thumbnail image: Getty Images, Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, COVID-19 in Italy. Smartphone with map of Italy with pills and vaccine. - stock photo

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