HQ Trivia winner can't cash out, takes to Twitter for help

Does the name Alex Jacob sound familiar to you? If you watch Jeopardy, it should. Alex was on Jeopardy in 2015 where he won 6 games and $151,802. He went on to the Tournament of Champions, which he also won, and gained another $250,000. Not too long ago, he made yet another appearance on Jeopardy for their All-Star Games, where he was partnered with Buzzy Cohen and Jennifer Giles. They won $75,000 after losing the wild card match.

Prior to his Jeopardy days, Alex was a professional poker player, winning the 2006 Main Event at the United State Poke Championship, plus he has appeared at televised final tables at the World Series of Poke and World Poker Tour.

In other words, the guy is really good at winning.

In fact, Alex is so good at winning that he scored $20,000 on the popular mobile app HQ Trivia. The only problem is that after trying to cash out, he can't. So he has taken to Twitter to try to get paid, posting "Guys, I need your help. I won $20,000 on @hqtrivia on June 10 and still haven’t heard anything about payment. Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to pay. Please RT to tell HQ they should honor their jackpots. If I’m wrong, I’ll happily delete this & give $100 to someone who RT’d!"

Even Ken Jennings, the winningest played on Jeopardy ever has jumped in to try to get Alex paid.

Good luck to Alex. I hope he gets paid, and soon!

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