Luke Combs announced that more new music is on the way! Here's a sneak peak

This morning, Luke Combs took to Twitter to announce some awesome news... more new music is on the way! Luke's tweet read "Heard y’all loud and clear about more new music... Excited to announce 4 new additional songs along with “Beer Never Broke My Heart” will be out June 7 on my EP titled The Prequel; they’ll be “Refrigerator Door,” “Even Though I’m Leaving,” “Lovin’ On You” and “Moon Over Mexico.”"

Want a sneak peak? Here's a video of Luke performing "Refrigerator Door" at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta a few years ago

Here's "Even Though I'm Leaving"

This is "Lovin' On You"

And he went all the way to Hawaii for this performance of "Moon Over Mexico:

Of course, we already know his current single "Beer Never Broke My Heart," which is sure to be THE song of the summer of 2019! Here is the official video to that.

June 7th can't get here fast enough

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