Maren Morris was on Ellen's show today.

Maren Morris was featured on Ellen today performing a song off of her brand new album. The song is called "The Bones" and it is off of her new album "Girl."

Isn't Maren Morris amazing?! First off, if you haven't listened to the "Girl" album, do yourself a favor and get it! It is so great from start to finish. And look at her...she can pull of any hair, any look...she is absolutely adorable! Though, as much as I liked her recent short, dark to light ombre look, I really love this long blonde hair on her. To go along with her beautiful new hair, she also wore an outfit that was on point...though she joked on Twitter that it was inspired by "edgy Glinda."

Not to be outdone, Ellen tweeted a hilarious response.

And of course her performance was A+!

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