Chatting with the guys in LoCash

The guys in LoCash are so awesome! Not only have they had some great hit songs of their own like "I Love This Life," "I Know Somebody," "Ring On Every Finger," and their new one "Feels Like A Party," but they have also written some big hits for others, namely "You Gonna Fly" by Keith Urban and "Truck Yeah" by TIm McGraw.

Made up of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, LoCash just released a brand new album this past Friday called "Brothers." The guys took a few moments to call and chat about "Brothers," as well as some other fun things like their basketball team of kids and who would play them in a movie! Here is our chat in it's entirety.

Chatting with LoCash

LoCash's new album cover "Brothers." Photo courtesy of BBR Music

Here are LoCash's videos to "Feels Like A Party," "Ring On Every Finger," "I Know Somebody," and "I Love This Life."

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