Watch: George Strait's new video and song about his own brand of Tequila!

Not only is George Strait the King of Country Music, but he's also quite the distiller! Did you know that George Strait invests in the Codigo 1530 brand of tequila? He sure does! It all started when he would sip on Codigo during rounds of golf with his friends while vacationing at his property near Los Cabos. Apparently, the crew drank enough that George would purchase the Codigo by the barrel from their small, family-owned distillery! But then George and his business partners said "heck with it" (that might not be an actual quote) and decided to just go ahead and buy the whole operation! They continue to work with the family to produce the Codigo on a larger, more commercial scale.

Codigo is a high end tequila, and comes in a few different styles. There's Blanco, which is aged seven years, never in a barrel. Rosa is rested a month in an uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrel. The Reposado ages six months in the same type of barrel, but the barrel has been charred by hand on-site. Anejo is aged for 18 months in those Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels. And then there's the Origen, which is pretty much the king daddy of all of the Codigos and is aged for 6 years.

And now, in what might be one of the coolest "commercials" of all time, and certainly one of the catchiest tunes, George has cut a song called Codigo, which pays homage to his favorite tequila. The song is included on his brand new album "Honky Tonk Time Machine," plus he just released a video, and here it is!

By the way... if you're wondering, a quick search on Codigo's website shows that Codigo is not yet available in North Carolina, but you can get it at a handful of places in South Carolina.

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