ICYMI-Luke Bryan surprised by former Make-A-Wish kid at Idol auditions

We have all seen some pretty incredible moments on American Idol, but this moment may be the greatest moment ever!

Before we get to the American Idol moment, let's rewind to 2016. 13 year old Ethan Payne was a Make-A-Wish recipient, and the wish granted was for him to meet Luke Bryan. Not only did he get to meet Luke, but he got to join Luke on stage at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas and sing "Do I" and "Here's To the Farmer." After their performances, Luke gave him his guitar that he let Ethan play on stage for Ethan to take home.

Fast forward to this season's American Idol auditions. Ethan, now 15 and just old enough to audition for American Idol, showed up, Luke's guitar in tow, and auditioned with Luke's "Do I." Luke joined him on the song, which they both performed beautifully, and Ethan heard the four words that every Idol hopeful wants to hear... "YOU'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!"

Good luck, Ethan. We're all pulling for you!

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