Dale Jr has the cure for NASCAR's Clash

Let's call a spade a spade here... Sunday's Clash at Daytona was boring. There was no good racing, it was mostly single file, and then a tangle between Jimmie Johnson and Paul Menard with 20 to go turned in to "The Big One" where 17 of the 20 cars were involved in the wreck. As the caution for the wreck came out, the rain started, which then red-flagged the race. Shortly thereafter, NASCAR declared race leader Jimmie Johnson the winner.

In a sport that admits they are losing fans, this certainly doesn't help. Who wants to sit there and watch a single file race, a wreck that probably shouldn't have happened, and then the race being called by rain?

Dale Jr. to the rescue! In Monday's Dale Jr. Download podcast, Jr. addressed the situation and what he thinks is a pretty good cure. But will NASCAR listen? That's the million dollar question...

In case you missed Sunday's "Big One," here you go. I can't wait to see what happens this coming Sunday in the Daytona 500.

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