Rapper Cardi B thanks Tom Petty for sending her flowers

First off, let's give credit where credit is due. Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, rapper Cardi B picked up the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. To make her award extra special, not only was she the only woman nominated in the category, but she became the first solo woman to actually win Best Rap Album.

With a feat like this, congratulatory gifts came flowing in to Cardi. She took to her Insta Story to thank senders, which included a shout out to Tom Petty for sending her flowers... except, Tom Petty has been dead for two years and probably didn't send her any flowers. It's safe to say that he probably didn't actually send her anything.

The confusion came when someone sent Cardi a bouquet of flowers with a Tom Petty quote from his song "Walls." The quote said "you've got a heart so big you could crush this town" and at the bottom of the quote where it was simply giving credit to Tom Petty, Cardi mistakenly thought that it was from Tom Petty. Bless her heart.

I'd send you to her Insta Story to see it for yourself, but in another turn of events, Cardi went on an expletive-filled rant about haters after winning her Grammy on her Insta Story and ultimately deleted her Instagram account, so you'll have to watch this...

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