Jamal Adams from the Jets tackles Patriots mascot

The New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl (again!), so they won't be sending any players to the Pro Bowl this weekend in Orlando.  New England did, however, send their mascot Pat Patriot to Orlando, and during Wednesday's practice, Mr. Patriot was booed repeatedly by football fans who seem to not like New England too much.

Enter Jamal Adams from the New York Jets.  Perhaps Adams has some frustration pent up against the Patriots.  Or maybe not (but... probably).  One thing is for sure though... with his flying leap at Pat Patriot, he may have gained a bunch of new fans.

In a tweet that simply read "This one is for every Patriots hater out there! I got y’all!" Adams made a big game-worthy play.

Anybody reminded of this?! Hahaha...

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