When a fart happens in an otherwise boring meeting

So, there was this group discussing architecture and grant money and other stuff that would put the average person to sleep, when all of a sudden, someone needed to pass gas.  Maybe it was just the placement of the microphone, but there was nothing quiet about the passing in the otherwise quiet and drab meeting, which made it that much more funny.

I once had a boss... and I REALLY hope he's not reading this!  But I once had a boss that was a... let's just say he was a bigger man... and he was a pretty high-up-the-ladder boss.  He wasn't one that lived in town, he was a regional guy.  We were in a one on one meeting and I mean to tell you, he let one fly.  It was loud and rather lengthy.  On the outside, I kept my composure pretty well and acted like nothing had ever happened.  He was the "big boss" after all (no pun intended) and I wasn't going to start laughing at him.  He could have me fired in an instant!  But on the inside?  I was screaming and laughing like an eight year old boy.  Believe me... it took EVERYTHING IN ME to keep from busting out laughing on this guy!  I just remember thinking about really sad stuff to keep from laughing, and I really couldn't tell you what happened in the meeting after that.  I wasn't listening.  I was thinking about sad stuff and doing what I could to not laugh or so much as crack a smile for a good hour.  

And yes, it's still hilarious.  I am crying laughing as I type this.

So, I can relate to these people in the video because I know darn well that some of them were trying like heck to not bust out laughing!  But you?  You're at your computer or on your smartphone and not in their meeting, so it's perfectly OK to go ahead and crack up.  

Because this is funny...

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