A package full of glitter, cameras, and fart spray

We hear a lot about package thieves this time of year.  Heck, maybe it's even happened to you... you order a package, the mailman or UPS or Fed Ex driver leaves it on your porch, and before you get home and get the package, someone else helps themselves to it.

Side note... I have a recording device on my doorbell.  Most home security systems have this.  So, why steal?  Don't thieves realize that in 2018, there is a REALLY good chance that they're going to be caught on video?  Is it really worth it for my $10 tube of lip gloss from Ulta?

OK, regardless, Mark Rober, an engineer and You Tube star, decided that he would have the last word against the thieves.  He invented a package for them to steal that is actually a glitter bomb/fart spray sprayer, and it is equipped with four cell phones so that he can catch their reaction.  Plus, it has GPS, so he can retrieve it, recharge it, and reuse it.

In other words, his invention is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!  Check it out...

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