Christmas Tree Brows are a thing

A cousin of mine has a long beard.  And when I say "long beard," I'm not saying he has an overgrown beard.  His beard was "overgrown" a few years ago.  I'm saying that my cousin has a beard that ZZ Top would be proud of.  It's a LONG beard.  And every year around this time, I find it hilarious to send him pictures that I find on the internet of people with Christmas lights or bulbs in their beards... ya know... to give him some ideas.  And every year I get a simple one word response from him.


While laughing and telling this to a friend, the conversation naturally segued into her asking me "have you seen what people are doing with their eyebrows?"  And that's when I learned that "Christmas Tree Brows" are a thing.  A quick search on Instagram of #ChristmasTreeBrows got me just under 240 posts... and who knows how many more there are without the hashtag or the Insta post.

Here are some of those Insta posts that I thought you may like to "brows..."

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